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New Masjid Building Project in Bangladesh

We have just announced a new partnership with the Asian Rural Foundation to help support Burmese Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh. The Asian Rural Foundation was set up in 2011 to serve those in need all over the world, particularly those in Bangladesh. Just some of the projects they have successfully delivered include the following:

. Providing circumcision for children

. Pregnancy care support

. Funerual support for 50-60 people every day

. Prayer Mosalla

. Food, water, medicine, clothes, toilets, solar electricity and more.

Some of our fundraising efforts will now be directed towards this cause and you can be rest assured that this project is a meaningful one that will genuinely make a difference to people’s lives. We always check every charity or organisation we work with to make sure that funds are being used approriately, benifitiing those who are in genuine need for help.

In view of the above, you are kindly requested to come forward and donate generously for the most vulnerable and tormented refugees in the world.

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