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Acchah Food Parcel
Another happy customer. To arrange a collection or delivery please contact us. Another happy customer from our free food service, in London and Birmingham.
One day our fundraisers were handing out free food to the public, as part of our free food bank service. A member of the local council approached one and asked him what he was doing. It was very apparent what he was doing as he was holding a very large handheld sign with the words:...Read More→
Acchah Food Parcel
The cost of living crisis as meant that many people find themselves in the difficult position of having to choose between heating the home or eating a good meal. With food and gas prices going up people are turning more and more to food banks for their much needed service. We continue to provide as...Read More→
Charity Food Bank Birmingham
We have another outdoor food bank in London and Birmingham this coming week. Where we will be giving out free food and clothes. A recent report by the DWP showed an ever increasing need for food banks, with around 2 million people from the British population being dependent on them. This makes the work we...Read More→
Food bank Birmingham, helping those in need:

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