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2.5 Tonnes
Of clothes distributed each month

Creed Care: Fighting Hunger, Restoring Hope

No one turned away. Providing weekly food bank service for all in need.
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Igniting Hope, Empowering Communities - Join Acchah's Life-Changing Movement!

Acchah stands as an unwavering force of compassion dedicated to uplifting our local community. As an independent charitable organization, our existence relies solely on the extraordinary kindness of local residents, donors, and businesses who understand the power of collective action. With your support, we can create profound change, bridging gaps and providing crucial assistance to those in need.

Fueling Hope, Nurturing Well-being – The Creed Care Commitment


Local Business Donors


Monthly Transactions

2.5 Tonnes

Of clothes distributed each month

Our meticulously crafted food parcels contain an array of non-perishable staples, including tantalizing sauces, quality canned meat, and wholesome cereal. We go the extra mile by providing fresh essentials like bread and seasonal fruits, elevating your meals with flavors and nutrition. But our dedication to holistic support doesn’t stop there – we also supply essential toiletries, recognizing that dignity and well-being extend beyond the dinner table. Overview

  • A weekly food bank service that leaves no one behind – embracing inclusivity.
  • Proof of Universal Credit or income ensures fairness and targeted aid.
  • Meticulously curated parcels blending non-perishable and fresh items.
  • Holistic care includes essential toiletries for enhanced well-being.
  • Monthly indoor and outdoor soup kitchen events for warm meals and community connection.

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The Story of us

How did this come to our attention?

The unincorporated association is the most common form of organization within the voluntary sector in England and Wales.


What is Acchah?

– We are a dynamic charitable organization that operates a food and clothes bank while specializing in supported housing and education services.

What is Our Motto?

– We are dedicated to empowering lives and creating positive change within our communities.

Who can access the Creed Care food bank service?

– Our service is open to everyone, regardless of their circumstances or background.

How often can I use the Acchah food bank service?

– You can access our food bank service on a weekly basis, ensuring you receive the support you need.

How can I donate and support your mission?

– We greatly appreciate your generosity! You can donate directly through our website or contact us to explore other contribution options.

Are there any specific dietary considerations taken into account for the food parcels?

– We strive to give every person the most fulfilling, nutritious, and delicious diet possible that’s why we have included everything from canned food to fresh fruits and bread.

Do you provide any additional support services apart from food and toiletries?

– Yes, we extend our support to those in dire need of accommodation through our supported housing program.

How can I provide feedback or share my experience with Acchah's services?

– We value your feedback and strive to continuously improve. Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, or testimonials with our team through our website or by email.


April, 2022

We started piloting the food bank service, operating out of a single small basement in London, inviting people to come and collect free food.

June, 2022

We branched out to Birmingham, operating from a flat and using it as storage.

July, 2022

After much interest we decided to add clothing items to the range, giving out free clothes to people. We also began piloting a free collection and mobile delivery service, where we collect items from donors and also deliver. September: We increased the number of fundraisers from 3 to 6.

October, 2022

We moved our operations from the small basement yard and flat to outdoors, setting up tables and handing out the items to passers-by, as well as inviting those who were already registered with us. We also rented out new office space in order to scale our operations.

January, 2023

We increase the number of fundraisers from 6 to 9.

May, 2023

We officially registered the new brand name, and started working on moving the food bank delivery service from pilot to actual delivery phase. We decide to concentrate our delivery service to London only for now, in order to allow us to properly serve the community. If successful we plan to expand and branch out to other areas from there.