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How did this come to our attention?

On 7th October 2023 we were alerted to the awful news that Israel had been attacked by the now declared terrorist group Hamas. We were appalled and saddened by this and hoped that the problem would not escalate. Sadly this was not the case, with Israel carrying out retaliatory air strikes and attacks that have so far claimed over 20000 Palestinian lives and injured more than 50000, with the death toll still rising. Indiscriminate airstrikes continue to rain down on innocent people as Israel persists on their relentless mission to wipe out Hamas. Our goal is clear – to assist in providing relief and aid to all those affected, to try to minimise the loss of life and injury as much as possible.

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, food and shelter are basic necessities.

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Where will the money go?

  • We have a physical base in Egypt where we are working from and sending aid
  • We work with key players, such as the Resala Association, Palestine Embassy and Palestinian Red Crescent to channel our funds
  • We remain fiercely independent and unbiased
  • Regular updates on what's happening in our priority campaigns
  • We check things like trading subsidiaries, remuneration for staff, commercial contracts etc. to see whether the charity is operating ethically and honestlyFinally, we carry out strong and robust due diligence checks before choosing which organisations to work with.
  • Invitations to events and other exciting opportunities to take action

– A blockade has been imposed on the Egyptian border – preventing any aid from entering. We have supplies in storage in Egypt ready to release as soon as the situation allows. It is also clear that only a limited number of aid agencies are permitted in the area; it is for this reason that through our presence in Egypt we are working with our carefully chosen partners and organisations to deliver food, water, clothing, medicine and living essentials. These are the Resala Association Egypt and Egyptian food bank, Egyptian Red Crescent, Palestine Embassy, which will in turn direct this through the Palestinian Red Crescent.

How do you make sure my funds are spent wisely?

– We carry out checks before we decide which organisations to work with and fund. We check things like whether or not they have any commercial trading subsidiaries, remuneration levels for their staff, what commercial contracts they have and more to see whether the charity is operating ethically and honestly. If charities have any significant interests in any commercial contracts we will look into these closer and assess whether it is right before we choose to work with them. We always question anything that looks grey in the slightest and as long as a charity can account for everything then this is fine. 

We provide continuous updates on our efforts and registered users can keep track of their donations and our progress with their very own dashboard account. 

What's your goal?

– Our goal as always is to prevent the loss of life, as much as possible. Every life taken is one too many. Through the use of medicine, food and water and the amazing doctors on the ground this can contribute to our goal. It is also clear that many people will be displaced as demands for evacuation and attacks continue. Through our wider community goal of Masjid centre building in Egypt and accommodation services we can help provide hubs for those in need. We hope that the UK government will assess and monitor the situation closely and provide housing support if needed, as it did with the Ukraine conflict.

What percentage of my donation goes towards programs?

– When donating to this cause we use 100% of the funds for the aid. Volunteers are deployed to administer and deliver supplies. Funds are passed onto the aid agencies and we also buy supplies at our base in Egypt.