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About Us

We are a charitable not for profit fundraising company also operating a food and clothes bank and specialising in the provision of supported housing and education services to refugees, asylum seekers and those in need in the UK and abroad. We cater for the vulnerable, for asylum seekers, refugees and those in dire need for accommodation and related support services.

Accommodation Mission Statement Pledge: The current housing system and situation is unfair, and completely discriminatory – private land is secured and allocated unfairly under a capitalist system that is outdated and caters only for a subsection of the population. It exists purely to fulfil the needs of the rich, to cater for those who have exploited the system, either directly through the exploitation of national resources or indirectly through the exploitation of a corrupted financial banking system. The rest of the population are left to fight to obtain whatever remaining property is left, through extremely limited social housing and with little care and regard for what they are afforded. Acchah aims to close the unfair and unethical attainment gap between the rich and poor, to ensure that everybody has access to the most basic and fundamental human right.

Acchah, 2023